Equal Opportunities & Rights


Equal Opportunities & Volunteer Rights

Gosport Volunteer Centre believes that voluntary activity is an option that should be open to everybody, irrespective of their gender, race, beliefs, disability, mental or physical health, sexuality, age and whether or not they have a criminal record.

The Volunteer Centre is committed to promoting volunteering to people who are not traditionally seen as being volunteers. This means that the Centre puts effort into promoting volunteering to people who are disadvantaged or who are from groups who are discriminated against.

Volunteers Rights

  • Volunteers should have the opportunity to do voluntary work that matches their interests
  • Volunteers should be welcomed and supported by all existing staff and volunteers within an organisation
  • Volunteers should be distinct from employees; their work should complement paid work
  • Volunteers should be respected for the contributions they make
  • Volunteers should ne reimbursed for all out of pocket expenses
  • Volunteers have a right to know why they were not accepted for voluntary work

Gosport Volunteer Centre recommends that:

  • Volunteers should be given an induction and informed about the aims and objectives of the organisation when they start voluntary work
  • Volunteers should be clearly informed about what is expected of them, if possible in writing
  • The lines of supervision for all volunteers should be clear
  • Volunteers should be given the opportunity to develop skills
  • Volunteers should receive appropriate training
  • Volunteers have a right to access grievance procedures
  • Volunteers have a right to belong to a union
  • Volunteers have a right to the same insurance cover as other employees
  • Volunteers should be able to contribute their views about service delivery

Volunteers’ responsibilities
As a volunteer, I make a commitment to:

  • Be reliable
  • Work within the aims and objectives of the organisation
  • Be honest if there are any problems
  • Respect confidentiality
  • Treat all people equally
  • Meet time and duty commitments
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